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Characteristics of thick walled steel pipe spray heating equipment

The Thick wall pipe induction heating furnace is fully automatic and intelligent controlled by PLC, with closed-loop temperature control, uniform heating, no overburning, deformation, cracks, and quality assurance. It can also provide users with many induction heating equipment such as thick walled steel pipe spraying induction heating electric furnace, metal surface heat treatment equipment, steel rod quenching furnace, pipe heat treatment equipment, and steel billet induction heating equipment.

The Thick wall steel pipe indcution annealing furnace is composed of several parts, including a medium frequency induction heating power supply, an intelligent PLC control system, a medium frequency induction heating system, an input and output system, an infrared temperature measurement system, and a closed cooling system.

Characteristics of steel pipe spraying heating equipment :

1. The thick walled steel pipe spray heating equipment has the function of frequency automatic tracking, which can always ensure high power factor throughout the entire process. Regardless of the output power, the power factor is always greater than 0.9.

2. Adopting a series resonant induction heating power control system, fully touch screen control, pure digital tuning, with complete process records and strict level permissions.

3. Thick walled steel pipe spray heating equipment has a fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarbonization, and a high success rate in startup.

4. The sensor is isolated by a transformer, ensuring safety and reliability.

5. The roller conveyor is made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled, with strong anti-corrosion ability and long service life.


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