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The torsion bar heat treatment furnace integrating advanced technology of induction heating.

The torsion bar heat treatment furnace integrating advanced technology of induction heating.

Nowadays, it is an era of rapid development, our side is full of various high-tech products, high-tech has seriously affected our lives, it brings us not only convenient, but also efficient life. The torsion bar heat treatment furnace is such a set of technology in the automobile industry, which adopts advanced induction heating technology.

The automobile torsion bar heat treatment furnace not only changes the traditional heat treatment production mode, but also is a qualitative change in the modern heat treatment industry. According to the torsion bar performance and application requirement,  we specialty develops and customizes the automobile torsion bar induction heat treatment equipment. The equipment runs stably, the quality is reliable and the performance is superior.

(1) The control system of automotive torsion bar heat treatment furnace adopts large-scale programmable logic array module integrated control. The single plate structure avoids the unreliable operation of automotive torsion bar induction hardening equipment caused by the bad contact of multiple plate connectors after a period of use.

(2) The operation of all kinds of signals and the execution of corresponding actions are automatically carried out according to the program. The function of digital control system is to replace all kinds of relay control circuits.

(3) Real-time recording, archiving, inquiring and printing of production data can be realized (including real-time displaying production data, production efficiency, workpiece temperature and power operation parameters etc.). According to technical requirements, the heating temperature of workpiece can be set by infrared temperature measurement, and the power forming temperature of automobile torsion bar heat treatment furnace can be adjusted automatically. Closed-loop control, automatic recording and analysis of parameter changes, automatic prediction of faults and alarms, automotive torsion bar induction heat treatment furnace remote centralized control, automatic generation of various reports to achieve the traceability of production process.

(4) The traditional heat treatment industry has some shortcomings, such as bad production environment, high labor intensity, difficult process control and low production efficiency. After induction heating, the production environment and process control have been greatly improved.  In order to further reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency, Forever specially designed automatic feeding system for automobile torsion steel bar heat treatment furnace, and cooperated with PLC programmable controller to control each production node accurately, so that the quenching process was effectively controlled and the high degree of automation control was realized.


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