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Steel tube quenching production line

Forever Electromechanical is a professional provider of steel tube Hardening heat treatment furnace solutions in China. Forever steel tube quenching production line uses new technologies and manufacturing equipment. Forever steel tube quenching production line has advantages such as high efficiency, energy conservation, and long service life.

The square tube quenching treatment line adopts an intelligent control system, a fully automatic intelligent type based on digital design, a series resonance design, a standardized operation monitoring system, fully open rectification, high power factor, and small harmonic components. The professional steel pipe induction quenching heating power supply has a digital display voltmeter, ammeter, frequency meter, and the display is intuitive and clear. The cabinet adopts T2 copper bars, which have undergone sandblasting, passivation treatment, oxidation resistance, and can effectively reduce line losses. Can effectively calculate and control production costs.


The steel tube heat treatment furnace production line adopts a PLC control system, and the remote operation console of the touch screen or industrial computer control system can be selected according to customer needs. Professional human-machine interface and highly user-friendly operation instructions. Siemens PLC independent control console can provide full process control for the entire mechanical movement, with simple operation and uniform heating. The powerful formula management system of the steel tube quenching production line automatically calls up relevant parameters after selecting the workpieces and plate parameters to be produced, without manually recording, querying, and inputting the required parameter values for various workpieces. Strict level management system and a comprehensive one click restore system.

The inlet and outlet ends of the inductor in the steel tube quenching production line are sealed with 5mm copper plates, infinitely reducing magnetic leakage and extending service life. The sensor chassis is made of high-strength aluminum alloy to reduce the impact of magnetic leakage and heating on other devices. One water-cooled roller is installed between each two sensors, and each roller is equipped with a variable frequency speed control motor. The roller table between the steel tube quenching production lines is made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled. The feeding system is driven by an independent motor reducer for each axis, controlled by an independent frequency converter, flexibly designed for speed difference output, and segmented for speed control.

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