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Steel pipe induction hardening furnace manufacturer

Steel pipe quenching furnace is the main equipment for heat treatment of steel pipe, oil pipe, seamless pipe and other metal workpieces under the current energy-saving and environmental protection form. There are many  steel pipe induction heating furnce manufacturers on the market. As far as China is concerned, there are tens of thousands of steel pipe induction hardening furnace under its control. So the problem is, which one is the larger steel pipe quenching equipment manufacturer? Hebei FOREVER electromechanical Co., Ltd. is recommended here for the following reasons:

1. FOREVER steel pipe induction hardening machine factory facility scale is large

As far as the scale of the factory facilities is concerned, FOREVER has independent large-scale workshops, various large and medium-sized gold processing, riveting and assembly equipment, and employees with many years of production experience. FOREVER has actively introduced foreign advanced induction heating technology concept, and combined with domestic production experience, it has established a production line with advanced technology and a modern testing base.

2. FOREVER mechanical and electrical factory has a large business scope

In terms of business scope, FOREVER steel pipe heat treatment furnace is currently commonly used in mining machinery, machinery manufacturing, railway transportation, shipbuilding and other industries.

3. Manufacturers have a large market share of equipment

In terms of the market share of steel pipe induction hardening equipment, the reliable and stable quality makes FOREVER steel pipe heat treatment quenching furnace’s production and sales volume and various comprehensive economic indicators rank first in the same industry in China. Since its establishment, FOREVER has produced many cases of steel pipe quenching equipment, with customers all over the country and exported to many overseas countries and regions.

The above is the reason why Hebei FOREVER electromechanical Co., Ltd. is recommended to be a large domestic quenching heat treatment equipment manufacturer. It is better to meet with you. If necessary, you can directly call the customer hotline, and the manufacturer will customize the technical scheme of steel pipe induction hardening equipment for you.


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