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Steel Pipe Heat Treatment Furnace

Steel Pipe Heat Treatment Furnace


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Steel Pipe,Steel Bar,Steel Billet,Steel Slab,Steel Strip,Steel Wire

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product;Professional Customization

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Good quality steel pipe heating furnace provided by Forever Furnace can be used for heating for steel pipe,oil steel pipe,pipeline,upset tubing before forging,hot rolling,hardening,tempering and annealing.Forever Furnace engineer will give you the most suitable and energy saving steel pipe heating solution.

Features for Steel Pipe Heating Furnace

1.Simple production operation;Flexible feeding and discharging;High automation.

2.Fast heating speed;Less oxidation and decarbonization;Good quality forgings.

3.Accurate control for the length,speed and temperature of the work piece.

4.Uniform heating for the work piece;Little temperature difference from the surface to the core;High control precision.

5.Customized design of induction heaters according to your specific requirement.

6.Full range of energy saving optimization design:low energy consumption but high heating efficiency

The Main Induction heat treatment production line from Forever Furnace

1.500KW,φ30MM round steel continuous heating production line

2.500KW,φ100MM grinding rod heat treatment production line 

3.2500 KW,φ80 MM round steel continuous heating furnace

4.PC steel bar heat treatment production line

5.Long bar annealing production line

6.Medium frequency hardening and tempering production line

7.Shaft hardening production line

8.Upset tubing hardening and tempering heat treatment system

9.2500 KW round steel continuous heating furnace

10.Hydraulic cylinder induction hardening and tempering system


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