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Steel bar quenching equipment

What kind of heat treatment equipment is steel bar quenching equipment?

The steel bar quenching heat treatment production line is an induction type heat treatment equipment that utilizes the principle of electromagnetic induction heating to heat and quench metal bars such as steel bars, round bars, and round bars. Simply put, steel bar quenching is a metal heat treatment equipment that heats round steel bars and then uses a cooling system for water cooling quenching. This can enable round steel bars to achieve high strength, toughness, plasticity, cutting ability, etc.

Advantages of steel bar quenching equipment:

1. CNC system, which can program and store various quenching processes according to different workpiece requirements;

2. It has the characteristics of energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligence, automation, less oxidation, and less deformation;


3. High control accuracy and automation degree, good consistency of workpiece quality after heat treatment, and consistent quenching and hardening layer;

4. During the quenching process, there is no need for manual adjustment, and the equipment automatically completes the quenching, with high heating efficiency and low labor intensity;

5. It has functions such as continuous quenching, simultaneous quenching, segmented continuous quenching, and segmented simultaneous quenching;

6. By using the workpiece movement method, continuous scanning quenching, segmented scanning quenching, and segmented overall quenching of quenched parts can be achieved;

7. Stepless adjustable: quenching speed and working speed;

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