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Steel bar heat treatment furnace

The steel bar heat treatment furnace is mainly a professional induction treatment equipment dedicated to the heat treatment of metal bars such as steel bars, round bars, round bars, and rod mill steel bars. In terms of heat sources, it can be divided into various forms, such as natural gas, fuel oil, coal burning, and electric heating. With the vigorous implementation of energy conservation and environmental protection policies, the steel bar heat treatment furnace with electric heating as the main driving force has high heat efficiency and low energy consumption. The heat-treated steel bar is not deformed or cracked, which makes the metal bar after heat-treatment more competitive and profitable.


The price of a set of steel bar heat treatment furnace depends on the market factors such as the model and configuration of induction heat treatment equipment, and the quotation positioning of the heat treatment furnace manufacturer. An important premise for a set of grinding bar tempering line to be quoted from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands to higher is that it is worth the money, so as to ensure that the steel bar heat treatment production line passes the environmental assessment, is approved quickly, is put into operation smoothly, and the equipment is more durable, and the user’s income period is longer. Only in this way can the price of equipment be better.


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