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 steel bar heat treatment furnace

Characteristics of steel bar heat treatment furnace:

1. The intelligent series resonant medium frequency power supply is adopted for control. The series resonant design, full open rectifier, high power factor and small harmonic component are adopted.

2. Inductors are designed according to different workpieces with different parameters, and different inductor groups are designed. The broadband design is designed to meet the requirements of users by satisfying the high heating efficiency of workpieces with a wide range of dimensions.

3. The roller table in front of the furnace and between the furnace bodies is made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel, which is inclined and cooled by water, greatly extending the service life of the roller table.

4. In 2017, the roller table idler newly designed by Yuantuo adopts ceramic idler, which makes the workpiece wear free and combustion resistant during operation.


5. The spray system of the steel bar heat treatment furnace adopts multi-stage stainless steel spray rings, and the pressure and flow of the spray rings are adjusted independently by the stages to meet the requirements of different hardenability.

6. The treated steel bar does not need to be straightened, bent or deformed, because our quenching temperature and cooling are uniform.

7. No operation environment, no pollution, low energy consumption, less oxidation and decarburization.

FOREVER electromechanical specialty provides billet secondary heating furnace. The company gathers several senior technical engineers engaged in induction heating equipment industry and heat treatment industry to form a high-tech enterprise integrating research, design, production, sales and service of steel bar heat treatment furnace, Steel bar hardening and tempering equipment, and quenching and tempering equipment. It has always been operating in ISO9002 quality management system certification, CE quality certification and a number of invention patents. Medium frequency induction heating furnaces are sold to many countries. We have many cases. Welcome to visit our company!



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