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Steel bar hardening and tempering heat treatment furnace

steel bar hardening and tempering heat treatment production line

Metal steel bars are widely used in the industrial market, and are an excellent metal material in industries such as mining machinery, building materials, and petroleum machinery. The heat treatment manufacturer will perform quenching and tempering heat treatment processing on it. What is the purpose of hardening and tempering steel bars?

The heat treatment operation of high-temperature tempering (500~650 ℃) of hardened steel rods is commonly referred to as hardening and tempering treatment. Its mother is: softened alloy steel workpiece, which is easy to cut and process. To achieve good comprehensive mechanical performance of the workpiece. As a pre heat treatment, it also prepares the organization for the final heat treatment. It should be noted that the mechanical properties after hardening and tempering are closely related to the hardenability of the workpiece, and only when the workpiece hardens can the best performance be obtained. hardened and tempered steel is mostly medium carbon low alloy steel. C=0.3~0.5%, with a total alloy element content of less than 5%. Its service conditions include complex stresses such as alternating bending, torsion, tension and compression, and impact. The main added elements in hardened and tempered steel are M, Si, Cr, Ni, and B, with the main purpose of improving the hardenability of the steel and strengthening the matrix (except for B). The auxiliary elements are W, Mo, V, Ti, etc., which play a role in refining grains and improving tempering resistance.


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