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Square billet induction heating equipment

The square billet heating furnace is professionally produced by Forever Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The billet induction heating furnace adopts an automatic intelligent control system, which can automatically adjust the heating temperature and time to ensure the quality of the rolled material.

Workpiece size: 120mm-160mm square billet, 3000mm-1200mm long

Applicable workpieces: steel billet, square billet, square steel

Energy conversion: Depending on the surface temperature of the steel billet, each ton consumes tens to tens of degrees of electricity

The square steel billet induction heating furnace is professionally produced by Hebei Forever Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The square billet induction heating equipment is mainly composed of an intermediate frequency power supply, heating sensors, automatic feeding devices, fast discharge devices for pressure rollers, infrared temperature measurement devices, and a central control console. By matching different sensors, the heating of the square billet can be achieved, and the heating temperature and radial and axial temperature differences meet the process requirements. It can also achieve insulation and material waiting, and automatically record the temperature of each square billet. The billet induction heating furnace uses an American Raytheon thermometer to control the temperature of the induction heating equipment. It is installed at the discharge end of the induction heating furnace and displays the temperature of the billets in real-time to maintain the uniformity of workpiece heating.

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