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Screw thread bar induction heating equipment

We are looking for screw thread induction heating equipment - Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical Co., Ltd. to provide customers with durable, easy to operate, cost-effective screw thread bar induction heating equipment! A complete set of quality testing equipment is available, which is environmentally friendly, efficient, energy-saving and stable. The screw thread steel bar induction heating equipment can be customized according to your process requirements, and perfect and timely after-sales service to meet your different process needs.

The screw thread bar induction heating equipment is specially customized by Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical Factory for screw thread bar, and other workpieces induction heating. At present, our FOREVER Electromechanical Factory can produce screw thread bar heating equipment with a diameter of 5-60mm. The customized induction heating equipment for screw thread bar produced by FOREVER Electromechanical Factory has won the trust of customers at home and abroad with its excellent quality and perfect service!


The main advantages of screw thread bar induction heating equipment are:

① It does not need to be heated as a whole, so the deformation of the workpiece is small and the power consumption is small.

② No public hazard.

③ The heating speed is fast, and the oxidation decarburization of the workpiece surface is light.

④ The heating equipment can be installed on the machining production line, which is easy to realize mechanization and automation, facilitate management, reduce transportation, save manpower and improve production efficiency.



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