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Round steel hardening and tempering furnace manufacturer

In recent years, with the increasing demand for steel bars, steel pipes, steel bars and other workpieces due to industrial development, people have high standards for various metal workpieces. The new environmentally friendly round bar heat treatment equipment combines the characteristics of various metal workpieces, market conditions, and user requirements, and its design is more in line with the requirements of modern efficient metal heat treatment.

1. Conveyor roller and pressure roller: The roller between the furnace body is made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled, while the other parts of the roller are made of 45 steel and have undergone surface hardening treatment.

2. Inductance design: Variable number of turns, designed with preheating section, heating section, and constant temperature section, more energy-efficient.

3. Infrared temperature measurement: An infrared temperature measurement device is installed at the discharge end to ensure that the temperature of the steel rod before entering the next process is within the allowable range. Forever’s new round steel hardening and tempering system is an automatic control system used for production. It has a high degree of automation, high efficiency, and high output. It replaces traditional coal-fired furnaces with electricity, reduces exhaust and waste emissions, and effectively improves the environment of metal heat treatment workshops.

On the road to future heat treatment, Forever Electromechanical, as an established manufacturer in the heat treatment industry, meticulously creates a suitable induction heat treatment furnace solution for you. We will match and customize it according to your actual production needs, ensuring that you have no worries in the future production process. If you have any issues with the equipment related to the round steel heating and tempering heat treatment furnace, we suggest that you find a professional engineer to solve them!

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