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Round steel hardening and tempering furnace

Hebei Forever Electromechanical Factory has introduced advanced technology from both domestic and foreign countries for many years, meticulously developing round steel hardening and tempering lines. Our customized production of round steel hardening and tempering heat treatment equipment is efficient and energy-saving, with a professional round steel hardening and tempering line technical team and excellent after-sales service for round steel hardening and tempering heat treatment equipment. Forever Electromechanical Power Plant is a trusted manufacturer by customers.

Product Usage: Used in the production workshop for hardening and tempering heat treatment of round steel with a diameter of 10-120mm

Round steel hardening and tempering furnace is a equipment used in the metal heat treatment industry for hardening and tempering workpieces such as bars, bars, steel bars, round steel, and round bars. It is developed and produced by Forever Electromechanical Factory based on several successful cases.

Characteristics of round steel hardening and tempering line:

1. Equipped with automatic loading and unloading functions.

2. Heating has a multi-level heating function to ensure the uniformity of heating temperature. At the same time, a temperature measuring instrument is installed at the outlet of the furnace to measure the heating temperature of the bar material in real time before the workpiece cools down and after tempering.

3. Quenching power, tempering power, hardening temperature, tempering temperature, and workpiece feed speed are all automatically controlled by the system, providing temperature closed-loop control function.

4. Heating power, power supply, current, frequency, tempering power, tempering power voltage, current, frequency, heating feed rate, hardening temperature, tempering temperature and other parameters are set and recorded by the system, and processing parameters can be traced.

5. After being processed by the round steel hardening and tempering line, the round steel has no deformation, no cracks, and strong toughness, all of which can meet national standards.

6. The medium frequency power supply and heating furnace have water pressure protection, water flow protection, water temperature protection, air pressure protection, and photoelectric safety protection.

7. Alarm: Sound/light fault alarm, control interface displays alarm information and records it.

induction-hardening-tempering-furnace 感应调质炉

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