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Regret it? Only see price when buying bar heat treatment furnace ?

Regret it? Only see price when buying bar heat treatment furnace ?

As the purchaser, we can understand that you just want to control your budget and use the Min. cost to buy the high quality bar heat treatment furnace. But if you just buy a cup or a desk, that is no problem. However, now you are buying a complete set of bar heat treatment furnace, which will be used for 10-15 years. If there is no problem, it will effect your production schedule and bring lose for you.

Especially for the new comer, such as one customer wants to step into the heat treatment industry, then he has to consider all the workshop layout and every machines in it. Then he has to consider the budget and profit. But if he has not used this kind of machine or is not familiar with their production procedures, how does he can do it well ? Maybe he will just see the price and ignore the equipment material, model, brand and performance. But when he starts to run the factory and produce, then he will find the problems.Now we will make a description for the steel bar heat treatment furnace.

 Let’s take a look at the equipment composition of steel bar heat treatment furnace.

The bar heat treatment furnace is composed of induction heating furnace, heating power supply and PLC console. 100KW/2500HZ IGBT medium frequency power supply and a preheating inductor, the first nine induction furnaces use a 720KW/1000HZ medium frequency power supply.

The induction heating equipment is made up of copper coils, thermal insulation materials and copper plate.

The bar heat treatment furnace adopts one IGBT medium frequency power supply, two thyristor medium frequency power supply, each power supply is equipped with a capacitor cabinet and copper bar connection between power supply to the induction furnace. The feeding mechanism is located in the unloading roller area, and is composed of a cylinder, a connecting shaft and a tilting plate. The electric control system includes PLC manual control + drive motor + cylinder start-stop control, power control of induction heating power supply, temperature closed-loop control, frequency conversion speed control and so on. All actions are displayed and operated on the control cabinet.

There are two types of bar heat treatment furnaces on the market: old-type heating furnace and energy-efficient induction heating furnace. Old type heating furnace is a traditional heating equipment, it has a more fatal shortcoming: easy to overburn and not environmentally friendly, even the master is not easy to control, but the price is very cheap. The high-efficiency energy-saving medium frequency heating equipment is the product of the development of modern science and technology, compared with the previous equipment has many advantages: fast heating speed, no decarbonization and high heating efficiency.

How to choose a safe, cost-effective, energy-efficient and powerful steel bar heat treatment furnace ? Better to visit the factory to check their ability and technology and after-sales service.


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