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Reasons for the price difference between induction heating equipment and heat treatment equipment

Price has always been one of the important factors that determine whether customers buy or not. As a set of IGBT induction heating equipment, quenching heat treatment equipment, quenching and tempering heat treatment production line is the same. Customers will get different prices from suppliers when they inquire about conditioning and heat treatment lines. Then it is important to know where the price difference lies. Directly affect the quality of induction heating equipment. Here, FOREVER Electromechanical will give you a specific explanation.

round bar heat treatment equipment

1. Driving mode usually, manufacturers design chain drive mode as transportation power. But if there is something wrong with one of the chains, the entire transportation system will stop working. If you change with a separate frequency motor, there is no such problem. Even if there is a problem with the motor, the system can still work. The cost of a frequency division motor is three times that of a chain motor.

2. Drum materials usually use 304 stainless steel as roll and carton steel as shaft. But the shaft also uses 304 stainless steel, then the price will be very different.

3, infrared thermometer commonly used brand suitable for domestic induction heating equipment, quenching heat treatment equipment, conditioning heat treatment line users. However, for foreign customers, manufacturers must use imported infrared thermometer. Not only will the import of famous brands be more stable, but also if there is a problem, users can easily buy.

4, water cooling system induction heating equipment water cooling system is also very important, if the water quality is good, we do not add water filtration system to the cooling system. If the water quality is not good, the water cooling system should establish a water filtration system. Then this cost will also affect the total price.

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