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Process for Steel Bar Hardening and Tempering Equipment

High quality steel bars must be processed through Steel bar hardening and tempering equipment, only in this way can the comprehensive mechanical energy of the steel bar be improved and its performance be comprehensively improved.

Process methods and characteristics of steel bar hardening and tempering heat treatment equipment

The steel bar heat treatment furnace is completed through straightening, induction hardening, induction tempering, insulation tempering, rolling cooling, and continuous operation on the assembly line. The process is as follows:

steel bar hardening and tempering furnace 

1、 Straightening: After manually placing the steel bars into the feeding table and leveling them, they are fed to the parallel roller bed by the feeding machine in a step-by-step manner, and then straightened by the seven roller straightening machine before heat treatment. After straightening, they are fed to the traction machine in front of the sensor through the parallel roller bed;

2. Steel rod adjustment device induction quenching: The steel rod is fed into the induction heating system of the induction heating semiconductor variable frequency device through the smooth operation of the traction machine. It is controlled by the output inductor cabinet and infrared thermometer. The steel rod undergoes automatic temperature control of preheating temperature rising temperature temperature reaching the hardening temperature and enters the cooling machine for hardening. After passing through the mechanical traction device, it enters the roller track and is fed into the storage and loading platforms, Simultaneously separate unqualified hardened products and complete the hardening process;

The third is tempering: the hardened steel rod enters the material table through a mechanical rear traction device, enters the parallel roller table in a step-by-step manner, and enters the mechanical arm in front of the intermediate frequency power sensor. The steel rod is stably and quickly moved forward through the traction machine, and is sent to the sensor for tempering. After temperature measurement, it enters the tempering insulation box, with insulation delay. After tempering, it is thermally corrected, and then enters the parallel roller table;

Cooling straightening: The steel rod enters the cooling bed for natural rolling cooling, and is cooled and sent to the straightening machine for demagnetization treatment.

Blanking inspection and warehousing: The surface heat treatment process of steel bar hardening quenching equipment, where the workpiece is locally heated by induction current. This type of heat treatment process is commonly used for surface quenching, and of course, it is also suitable for tempering and local annealing, but overall quenching and local tempering are not a problem. In the early 1930s, the United States and the Soviet Union began using induction heating to surface quench and heat treat parts. With the development of science and technology, induction heating heat treatment technology continues to progress and its application scope continues to expand.


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