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oil pipe induction hardening and tempering furnace

Purchase the drill pipe heat treatment furnace to Hebei Forever Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The company has strong strength, modular design, and short supply cycle. Forever Petroleum Pipe Hardening and Tempering Equipment, with complete specifications and non-standard customization, meets user needs. Welcome users to consult Hebei Forever Petroleum Pipe Hardening and Tempering Production Line, with complete models, reliable quality, and thoughtful after-sales service.

The characteristics of the oil pipe induction hardening and tempering furnace include:

Equipment brand: Forever Electromechanical

Non standard professional customization: Yes

Heating steel material: oil pipe for oil fields

Oil pipe size range: diameter above 16 millimeters

Power range: 100KW-10000KW

Control system: closed-loop temperature control

Control system: PLC fully automatic intelligent control system


The characteristics of the oil pipe induction hardening and tempering furnace:

1. Using an air-cooled energy-saving medium frequency induction heating power supply to control the oil casing pipe heating furnace heating equipment of petroleum steel pipes, it saves electricity, saves energy, does not need to be connected to water, and can be used when connected to electricity.

2. Advanced continuous hardening and tempering technology can achieve uniform heating of oil pipes.

3. Customized design and production of petroleum pipe tempering equipment according to customer needs.

4. Fast and uniform heating can achieve output hardening optimization.

Due to the cancellation of cold correction and stress relief processes, the maximum extension of the rod and tube can be achieved.

6. Based on higher rotational speed and optimized hardening method, the outer diameter deformation of the oil pipe can be greatly reduced.

7. The oil pipe hardening and tempering heat treatment production line uses a well-known brand Ruiguang infrared thermometer to test the temperature. The heating uniformity of the oil pipe is high, and the yield is high.

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