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Metal heating equipment

What is metal heating equipment? What is the heating principle?

Metal heating equipment is a type of equipment used to heat metal, aimed at increasing the temperature of the metal to meet specific processing requirements. Common metal heating equipment includes resistance furnaces, induction heating equipment bar induction heating furnace, and gas heating equipment.


1. Heating principle of resistance heating equipment:

Resistance heating equipment achieves metal heating by creating a resistance heating effect when an electric current passes through a metal material. When electric current passes through metal materials, heat is generated due to the resistance of the metal, causing the temperature of the metal to rise. Resistance heating equipment is usually composed of heating elements such as resistance wires or resistance plates, and the resistance heat generated by the current passing through these heating elements will be transferred to the metal material to be heated.

2. Heating principle of induction heating equipment:

steel billet induction heating equipment uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to heat metals. It generates an alternating magnetic field through the flow of alternating current through the coil. When the metal material is placed in the magnetic field, eddy currents form inside the metal. Due to the eddy current encountering metal resistance, heat is generated, causing the metal material to heat up. Induction heating equipment typically includes a high-frequency generator and an induction coil, which rapidly heats metal materials under the action of high-frequency current.

3. Heating principle of gas heating equipment:

Gas heating equipment transfers heat energy to metal materials for heating through the flames generated by burning gas. Usually, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), etc. are used as fuels, mixed with air in a specific combustion chamber, and ignited. Due to the release of a large amount of thermal energy during the combustion process, this thermal energy is transmitted to the metal material to be heated through conduction, radiation, or convection, causing it to heat up.

Different metal IGBT induction heating furnace relies on different principles to achieve metal heating, and appropriate heating equipment is selected based on specific application needs.


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