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Medium frequency aluminum rod heating furnace

Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a large-scale medium frequency aluminum bar heating equipment manufacturer in northern China. FOREVER electromechanical intermediate frequency aluminum rod heating furnace has excellent quality, high heating speed and efficiency, and high-quality components with long service life. FOREVER electromechanical equipment is well sold at home and abroad. Welcome to inquire about FOREVER electromechanical intermediate frequency aluminum rod heating furnace project, and look forward to your call.

Due to the rapid heating of the medium frequency Aluminum induction heating furnace, there is less oxidation on the surface of the workpiece, and the material utilization rate is as high as 95%. Electromagnetic principle of medium frequency aluminum rod heating furnace The heating method heats the workpiece evenly and has a small temperature difference between the workpiece surface and the core. With the development of science and technology, aluminum rod electric heating furnace has been widely used. Using a medium frequency aluminum rod heating furnace can effectively shorten the production cycle of the factory and provide workers with a labor level.


FOREVER power supply adopts fully digital intelligent control technology, featuring high cost performance, stable performance, energy conservation and environmental protection.

aluminum heat treatment equipment

Intelligent control: The power supply can monitor and remotely control the operation status in real time; Fault self-diagnosis function; Process customization and process parameter control.

High cost performance ratio: highly optimized structure, modular layout of independent units, faster maintenance, and easy expansion of power supply power with development.

High reliability: Adopt IGBT extreme speed protection technology, long power life, DSP digital control device, high power stability, and few failures.

Energy saving and environmental protection: Few harmonics, high power factor, no need for power compensation.

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Welcome to call to inquire about the steel plate hardening furnace.

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