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How to purchase heat treatment equipment?

At present,Induction diathermy furnace is a very popular equipment, which is processed by electromagnetic principle. Heat is produced directly from the inner of metal bar. It has the advantages of high heating efficiency, environmental protection and so on. So how to buy heat treatment equipment, let’s take a look.

First, we need a detailed understanding of the size, shape, and so on of the metal workpiece. In general, the larger the diameter and the larger the length of the metal bar, the higher the relative power and the lower frequency. For smaller gears, thin shafts, plates, metal mechanical accessories, etc., we need to choose a relatively small power, higher frequency heating equipment.

Secondly, the heat permeability diameter or quenching depth required for metal workpieces, or the length and area of heating, all affect the specific type selection. If the heating area is small and the heating depth is shallow, we will directly choose the equipment with high relative frequency and low power. If the workpiece needs to be heated deep, and need to be heated as a whole, then, choose a relatively low frequency, high power equipment must be right!

Third, the different heating speed of the workpiece also directly affects the selection of the equipment. If you need a faster heating speed of the workpiece, you can choose to purchase a relatively high power heating equipment. However, heating speed is not as fast as possible. If it is too fast, it will cause damage and affect the quality of heating. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the heating speed to a moderate degree according to the different machining requirements of the workpiece.


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