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Grinding steel rod induction heating equipment

grinding rod induction heating equipment is used for grinding steel bar hardening. The medium frequency induction heating equipment for grinding rod hardening consists of several parts, including the feed frame, heating system, hardening system, discharge frame, medium frequency induction heating power supply, PLC operation platform, temperature control system, etc. The grinding rod hardening heat treatment equipment is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, efficient, stable in operation, and reasonably priced.

Characteristics of grinding rod hardening and tempering equipment :

1. The intermediate frequency induction heating equipment for grinding rod hardening adopts a new design, which minimizes the deformation of the workpiece during quenching heat treatment.

2. Rapid heating can achieve the required temperature for grinding steel bars in a short period of time, resulting in less oxide skin.

3. According to the required hardening depth and hardness, the grinding rod hardening production line can adjust the working power and frequency to meet the needs of users.

4. Easy to achieve mechanization and automation, controlled by PLC human-machine interface, saving labor and improving production efficiency.

5. The medium frequency induction heating equipment is convenient to use, easy to operate, and can be started or stopped at any time. Supports both automatic and manual operations. Supports 24-hour continuous work.

6. The Grinding steel bar production line is equipped with a dual color infrared thermometer, which displays the heating temperature in real time.




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