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Grinding steel bar production line

Grinding steel bar production line


1.Application:Heat Treatment for grinding steel bar, round steel bar, steel pipe, drill pipe

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product:Professional Customization

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Forever offers grinding steel bar production line used for heating a wide range of grinding steel bar diameters.The existing reliable technology is enhanced to provide unique features specifically benefiting the grinding steel bar production field.

Advantages of grinding steel bar production line

1.The production process adopts our self-developed automatic grinding steel bar production line with advanced temperature control device and corresponding heat treatment equipment.

2.Our fully automated  grinding steel bar production line is controlled by computer.When you start to work, you only need to start the buttons corresponding to the different material.The temperature between each link point in the production lien will display in the microcomputer screen. Compared with common grinding steel bar heat treatment equipment, this production line can make the hardening layer and hardness of grinding steel bar more uniform,which has reduced wear and rod breaking rate.

3. The hardness of the steel bar breakthrough tradition:the tradition steel bar heat treatment increases the round steel bar hardness of  HRC 10-15 to HRC 45-55 directly.But our production line is enhance the steel bar hardness to high hardness and make it in the range of HRC 45-55 through secondary heat treatment. So the steel bar has higher and more uniform hardness.

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Heating requirement: speed ? time requirement?heating effect?

These helps us to recommend  you suitable machine power. 

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