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Equipment for grinding steel ball production line

Grinding steel balls may not be very familiar to everyone, but people are familiar with forged or cast steel balls. In the past decade, with the advancement of technology, the grinding ball production line equipment developed by Forever Electromechanical Co., Ltd. has made hot rolling of steel balls a reality. Steel bars containing certain wear-resistant materials are continuously heated using medium frequency induction heating equipment, and the heated steel bars are directly rolled into the rolling mill to produce the required steel balls. This new process, new equipment, new materials, and new technology wear-resistant steel ball production line equipment has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy conservation, and environmental protection, and has been widely promoted and used in the steel ball manufacturing industry in recent years.

Grinding steel balls, also known as wear-resistant media for grinding machines, belong to consumables and are mainly used in fields such as grinding materials, steel plants, silica sand plants, and coal chemical industry.

Environmental requirements for forged grinding ball production line.

1. Temperature requirement: -25 ℃ to -45 ℃

2. Power supply requirements: Low voltage power supply: 380VAC Frequency: 50Hz

3. Gas supply requirements: oil-free and anhydrous compressed air, pressure: 0.4MPa

Steel ball production line

Manufacturing standards for wear-resistant steel ball production line equipment:

1. Basic Technical Conditions for Electric Heating Devices – Part 3: Induction Electric Heating Devices (GB/T 10067-2015)

2. Code for Design of Electric Installations in Electric Heating Equipment (GB 50056-9)

3. Semiconductor frequency conversion devices for medium frequency induction heating JB/T 8669-1997

Control of wear-resistant steel ball production line:

The grinding steel ball production line and steel ball rolling heating furnace are equipped with an electrical centralized control box, controlled by Siemens PLC, displayed on Siemens touch screen, and equipped with PROFINET fieldbus. Siemens products with a touch screen of TP-700 or above are available. Including electric furnace parameter display and real-time temperature display function. The main control of the grinding steel ball production line adopts Siemens PLC S7-1200 or above, with material temperature detection and recording.

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