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Characteristics of steel electric heating equipment

Hebei Forever Electromechanical Equipment specializes in providing users with steel electric heating equipment. Our induction heating system products include: steel plate induction heating furnace , steel plate hot shearing equipment, steel plate quenching heat treatment furnace, steel plate heat treatment equipment, steel plate quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment, hot rolled steel plate production line, and other medium frequency induction heating equipment.


Characteristics of steel plate induction heating equipment :

1. Heating performance characteristics: The heating speed of the furnace is fast, and the initial heating time is 1-3 minutes, which can reach the hot shear temperature of the steel plate. The advantages are low energy consumption and thermal efficiency

High efficiency, flexible production scheduling, high degree of automation, low labor intensity, and energy conservation and environmental protection, resulting in a significant reduction in production costs.

2. Control mode of steel electric heating equipment: PLC+touch screen, capable of manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic control operations.

3. PLC fully automatic intelligent control program, with a color LCD display on the operation panel, a large-sized touch screen, and a high-definition operation screen. Combined with the operation safety protection system, even first-time users can operate with peace of mind.


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