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Characteristics of Round Steel Hardening and Tempering Furnace

Characteristics of round steel hardening and tempering system  

Forever Mechanical and Electrical Professional provides cost-effective round steel hardening and tempering furnaces, using a new energy-saving water-cooled induction heating power supply to control the round steel hardening and tempering furnace. With high production efficiency and low power consumption, professional engineers customize suitable induction heating equipment and induction heat treatment equipment according to your process requirements.

Significant advantages of round steel hardening and tempering furnace:

1. The air-cooled IGBT power supply is controlled and can be used after being powered on, saving more than 35% of electricity compared to regular power supplies.

2. After hardening and tempering treatment, all sizes of workpieces can achieve the same processing efficiency.

3. After hardening and tempering heat treatment, the workpiece can achieve uniformity and consistent hardness.

4. Heating is uniform, and the furnace body is equipped with an American dual color infrared thermometer to control the temperature of the workpiece, displaying it in real-time and controlling the temperature accurately.

5. Adopting a PLC fully automatic intelligent control system with fully digital height adjustable parameters, one person can control the operation of the entire Round steel heating equipment hardening and tempering furnace;

7. After hardening and tempering treatment, excellent straightness can be obtained, and the surface of the workpiece after rounding is smooth, without wrinkles or deformation.

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