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Aluminum rod induction heating production line

The sales volume of Hebei Forever electromechanical aluminum bar heating equipment is among the top in the country. When purchasing aluminum bar heating equipment, Forever electromechanical induction heating series is preferred. Its aluminum bar medium frequency heating furnace is intelligent, safe and reliable, reliable in quality, and guaranteed in quality. When purchasing medium frequency induction heating equipment, Forever induction heating system is selected, and the reputation of Show house is guaranteed in quality.

Manufacturing process of inductor for Aluminum induction heating furnace:

The ratio of the inner diameter of the inductor coil of the aluminum bar heating induction furnace to the outer diameter of the billet is within a reasonable range and is designed based on the process parameters provided by the user. The inductor coil is made of large cross-section T2 rectangular copper tube after annealing treatment, winding, pickling, hydraulic test, baking, and other major processes such as multiple insulation, drying, knotting, assembly, etc., and then fixed as a whole. The whole inductor is made into a Rectangular cuboid, with good vibration resistance and integrity. There are water-cooled copper plates at both ends of the inductor to protect the coils of the induction furnace heated by aluminum rods, while effectively preventing electromagnetic radiation from causing harm to operators.

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