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Advantages of steel billet induction heating equipment

With the acceleration of industrial technology updates, traditional steel billet heat treatment furnaces used to produce waste gas, smoke, and dust, which are no longer applicable. Currently, more steel billet induction heat treatment manufacturers in the market are willing to choose induction heating equipment for steel billet heat treatment processing of metal workpieces, because this equipment using electric heating is not only high production efficiency but also simple!

Introduction of steel billet induction heating equipment :

Steel billet induction heating equipment is a device that utilizes the principle of electromagnetic induction to heat treat steel billets. Due to this special heating method, heat is generated from the workpiece, with a thermal efficiency of about 95%. It has high energy utilization efficiency, reduces waste, and can reduce user production costs. Secondly, steel billet induction heating furnace is a non-standard customized product. Steel billet induction heating furnace manufacturers can produce according to user process requirements and production capacity. A complete set of induction heating equipment can achieve multi-purpose heat treatment processes such as quenching, annealing, and tempering, which cannot be compared to traditional metal heat treatment furnaces.

Four major advantages of steel billet induction heating equipment:

1. Remote control: The steel billet induction heating equipment and steel billet reheating furnace adopts a PLC control system and utilizes digital technology to achieve remote control of startup, shutdown, process conversion, and other operations. It can control various production data of the steel billet induction heating furnace in real-time and achieve safe production.

2. The volume of steel billet induction heating equipment is not as large as traditional metal heat treatment furnaces such as flame furnaces and gas stoves. It is compact and occupies a small space for users, which is conducive to rational planning and usage by users and reduces infrastructure costs.

3. Environmental protection production: Due to the steel billet induction heating equipment using electric to heat transfer for heat treatment processing, electric energy itself belongs to environmental protection energy. During the production process, it will not produce waste gas, smoke, dust and other substances that pollute the environment, meeting the environmental protection requirements of relevant departments.

4. Customized service advantage: The furnace body of the steel billet induction heating furnace can be matched with corresponding specifications according to the size of the user’s workpiece. If the user’s workpiece size is diverse, simply replace the corresponding specifications of the furnace body, which is simple and convenient.

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