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Complete production line of furnace for heat treatment of steel bar, one-time matching

The prices of metal workpieces such as steel bars, steel pipes, and steel bars continue to rise last year. Metal workpieces in various parts of the country are in short supply, but there is no decline in demand. The gross profit of metal heating processing enterprises has reached dozens of percent, and many friends have chosen addresses. In preparation for the construction of the production line, Mr. Liu of a metal treatment plant in Shandong Province “wants to buy a furnace for the heat treatment of steel bars. Can the company design it?” Does the device match up at once? How much will it cost? ” In view of the user consultation questions, let’s answer one by one.

drill rod heat treatment machine

The design of a complete set of steel bar heat treatment furnaces is not so simple, a complete production line needs to have a complete process, to be convenient, concise, reasonable, equipment types and models can not be mismatched, whether it is more important to match, This is also the key to ensure the stability and high efficiency of the whole production line. In addition to the output, the workpiece size and process requirements should be clearly defined, and whether the complete set of equipment can meet the environmental requirements in the production of the scope.

The design production line only needs to submit your needs, the remaining Hebei Yuantuo electromechanical to complete, according to the processing of the workpiece material, output, process requirements, production efficiency, etc., the manufacturer has a professional technical team for comprehensive analysis. Free for you to develop a reasonable, economic production line, welcome to inquire.


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