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You may not know these characteristics of induction heating equipment!

Induction heating furnace, also known as induction heating furnace, is a new type of induction heating technology used in metal heating treatment industry. At present, metal heating treatment industry replaces traditional coal-fired heating furnace, gas heating furnace and other traditional metal heating equipment. So what are the characteristics of using induction heating equipment? Here is a brief introduction to the mechanical and electrical development of FOREVER.

What are the characteristics of induction heating equipment?

1. Induction heating furnace adopts IGBT frequency conversion and power regulation, equipped with perfect protection device, the heating speed of workpiece is fast, oxidation and decarbonization is less, compared with other equipment, it is more energy-saving and reduces the production cost of users.

2. By using automatic feeding and blanking device and reconfiguring the control system of remote extension electromechanical, the automatic production of equipment can be realized and the production efficiency of users can be effectively improved.

3. The temperature control accuracy of induction heating equipment is high. Through the original infrared thermometer, the power of the equipment can be adjusted to realize uniform heating and small temperature difference of core table, so as to ensure that the heating of workpiece meets the requirements.

4. According to the size and area of the user’s workpiece, the equipment is equipped with the corresponding specification of the furnace body, the furnace body adopts the fast-changing structure, only needs to connect the water and electricity joint, convenient and simple.

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