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Working principle and application of steel plate hardening furnace

A steel plate hardening furnace is an equipment used for quenching steel plates. Quenching is a heat treatment process that involves rapidly cooling and heating a metal to an appropriate temperature to alter its microstructure and properties.

Working principle of steel plate induction hardening machine :

1. Heating stage: The steel plate is first heated to an appropriate temperature to achieve the crystal structure required for quenching.

2. Quenching stage: The steel plate is rapidly placed in a cooling medium, causing it to cool rapidly, change its crystal structure, and increase its hardness.

3. Tempering stage: It may be necessary to temper the quenched steel plate to reduce its brittleness.

Application of slab induction hardening furnace:

-Automotive industry: used to manufacture automotive components such as engine parts, gears, etc.

-Aerospace: used for manufacturing aviation engines and other critical aviation components.

-Engineering machinery: Used for manufacturing components of heavy-duty machinery and equipment.

-Tool manufacturing: used to manufacture high hardness, high wear resistant blades and tools.


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