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Why is the medium-frequency heating furnace equipped with cooling towers?

FOREVER is a professional manufacturer of medium frequency heat treatment equipment in China. Today, we mainly talk about why the medium frequency heating furnace should be equipped with cooling tower and its characteristics.

Where to use the medium frequency heating furnace, the principle of closed water cooling, manufacturing, forging industry all need to use heating furnace body, such as electric furnace, in the processing time need a relatively high temperature, but high temperature will have a certain impact on the machinery and equipment. In order to avoid the high temperature, some parts have to be cooled down. The traditional method is to use water to cool down, but in the process of circulation, the water will absorb heat, temperature will increase, the principle of electric furnace closed water cooling will be applied in the process of recycling, the heat of water will not be released, the temperature of circulating water will be too high, and the cooling will be slow. The cooling tower has an effective cooler, and the sprinkler device is designed to achieve the effect of circulating cooling water.

Features of the cooling tower for medium frequency heating furnace in Hebei FOREVER:

1. The principle of closed water cooling of medium frequency heating tower used in intermediate frequency induction heating furnace applies all parts of cooling tower used in electric furnace, especially the main materials, and applies the principle of closed water cooling of medium frequency heating furnace for medium frequency induction heating furnace. Equipment is strictly selected, Seiko production, do not adulterate the false.

2. The cooling tower for steel heating furnace has strong heat dissipation ability.

a,The principle of closed water cooling for intermediate frequency heating furnace the design of meteorological conditions refers to the requirements of the national standard of open cooling tower, and the necessary margin is considered in the process of design and equipment selection. High standards and strict requirements, naturally create superior heat dissipation capacity, adapt to more stringent meteorological environment and operating conditions requirements.

b. The application of the closed water cooling principle of the intermediate frequency heating furnace adopts the good design method and the optimized heat transfer model, the efficiency, the low resistance heat exchanger and the good circulating spray system, which greatly improves the heat transfer efficiency and reduces the area occupied. The weight of the tower was reduced.

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