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Why is the medium frequency heating equipment popular in the market?

medium frequency heat treatment equipment is a hot metal heat treatment furnace in the heat treatment market in recent years. It has a higher market share by virtue of its excellent performance and is gradually phasing out the traditional metal heat treatment furnace. So why is the medium-frequency heating device popular in the market?

The main results are as follows:

1. The heating speed of medium frequency heating equipment is fast, the oxidation decarburization is less because the heating principle is electromagnetic induction, the heat is produced in the workpiece itself, because the heating mode is fast, so the oxidation is very little, the heating efficiency is high, and the process repeatability is good.

2. The automation degree of the medium frequency heating equipment is high, and the automatic operation can be realized by selecting the automatic feeding device and the automatic discharging sub-inspection device, and then with the special control software, the full automatic operation can be realized.

3, medium frequency heating equipment heating uniform, high temperature control accuracy easy to achieve uniform heating, small temperature difference requirements of the mandrel. The temperature control system can be used to control the temperature accurately.

4. It is easy to change the induction furnace body of medium frequency heating equipment according to the different size of the workpiece, different specifications of induction furnace body are configured. Each furnace body is designed with water, electrical quick change joint, so that the furnace body replacement is simple, fast and convenient.

5. Compared with other heating methods, the medium frequency heating equipment has the advantages of low energy consumption, high heating efficiency, low energy consumption and no pollution, and all the indexes can meet the requirements. Heating from room temperature to 1250 ℃ can consume less than 380C of electricity under diathermic condition.

The above is the performance advantage of the medium frequency heating equipment, if you want to learn more and more detailed information about induction heating equipment, you can call the remote Electric and Mechanical customer Service, the manufacturer will have a professional technical engineer for your service answer, And can provide free on-site work video for your reference, looking forward to your call.


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