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Why do you choose induction heating in metal heating industry?

In the Metal heat treatment industry , why choose induction heating compared with traditional flame heating or other heating methods. The main advantages of modern induction heating equipment for lean production of heat treatment are briefly summarized as follows:

Optimizing consistent induction heating eliminates inconsistency and quality problems related to flame heating and other methods. After the induction heating equipment is calibrated and set correctly, the heating mode is repeatable and consistent. Using modern heating equipment, accurate temperature control can ensure consistency; Through closed-loop temperature control, the advanced induction heating system has the ability to measure the temperature of the workpiece, and can set a specific slope rise, maintain and reduce the rate, and can record data for each heat treatment workpiece.

To improve the quality of the product by induction heating, the parts to be heated will not be directly in contact with the flame or other heating elements; through alternating current, heat is induced in the workpiece itself. Therefore, the deformation of the workpiece is the smallest. In order to obtain the maximum product quality.

Extend the life of other machinery by induction heating and quickly transfer heat to a very small area of the workpiece without heating any other parts around it. This prolongs the life of other equipment or components around them.

Hebei FOREVER Middle-frequency Heat Treatment Equipment has nearly 20 years of experience. Quality Assurance. It is a large manufacturer of induction heating equipment in Jiangbei. The induction heat transfer electric furnace is easy to operate. High production efficiency. Induction heating equipment is energy-efficient. Durable.

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