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Why can the yuan tuo Induction heating Furnace be active under the Environment-friendly Storm

Environmental protection, environmental protection. All industries are pursuing environmental protection, under the spell of environmental protection, 2016, 2017, 2018, this short three-year period, the domestic closure, limiting the construction of metal heat treatment plants one after another. In such a grim form, you can still see that the staff of Hebei FOREVER Electrical and Mechanical works are constantly busy, the  steel slab heating furnace the steel tube heating furnace, the rebar reheating furnace  carbon steel induction hardening and tempering equipment and the rebar reheating furnace. The induction heating furnace such as billet heating furnace has a set of pins all over the country. Why is the medium frequency heating equipment of Hebei FOREVER Mechanical and Electrical Plant still active in the market?

long bar induction heater

First, induction furnace more in line with the green environmental protection production standard

1, medium frequency heating furnace is produced by advanced IGBT module. When the workpiece is heated and heat treated, it will not produce noise and dust, and will not produce waste smoke and exhaust gas, thus greatly improving the working environment of the workers.

2. Compared with conventional equipment, induction heating equipment saves 40% water and 15% electricity, which is very good for green production.

Second, induction heating furnace is not only attracted to environmental protection

1, the operation is simple, that is, there is no open fire, no high temperature, no high voltage (induction ring operating voltage of 36V), it has good safety.

2, easy to use, can be opened or stopped at any time, and do not need to preheat.

3, the heating mode is flexible, can not only be heated as a whole, but also can be locally heated.

4, easy to realize mechanization, automation and flow production.

5, temperature and heating time can be accurately controlled, processing quality is high. Dust, noise and other pollution to the environment should not be underestimated, we must pay attention to the selection and purchase of induction heating produced by Yuantuo Electrical and Mechanical Plant.

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