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Where can I sell an electric furnace for heat treatment? Which one is good?

Heat treatment furnace, also known as induction heat treatment furnace, induction heat treatment equipment and so on, this is a kind of energy saving and environment friendly metal heat treatment equipment developed by remote extension electromechanical heat treatment production for all kinds of metal workpieces.

At present, the economic development of our country is getting faster and faster. The development of construction, road, mine development, petroleum exploitation, automobile industry and other fields can not be separated from steel pipe, steel bar, steel bar and other metal workpieces. Heat treatment furnaces are often required in the first step of processing metal workpieces in various metal heat treatment plants. So, which manufacturer is more suitable for heat treatment? Ask the manufacturer to recommend.

Where can I sell an electric furnace for heat treatment? At present, there are more than a thousand manufacturers of the equipment in the domestic market, and their distribution is mainly concentrated in Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Guangdong and Shanghai provinces. After our investigation on the site use of the heat treatment equipment in various regions, we recommend Hebei Province to purchase the metal heat treatment equipment. The reasons are as follows:

1. From the current quotation mode and horizontal line of manufacturers in various regions, the horizontal line of equipment quotation in Hebei is lower, and the labor wage in Hebei is lower than that in Shandong, Shanghai and other places. Therefore, the same price of metal heat treatment equipment Hebei area is more cost-effective.

2. The quality of production equipment is reliable. The time of producing and developing metal heat treatment equipment in Hebei is relatively long, and the overall production technology level is very advanced. They are well aware of the “pain point” produced by users, so they attach great importance to the quality of equipment. Ensure the performance stability of each equipment.


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