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What kind of steel will be obtained after quenching of shaft steel? Shocked!

What kind of steel will be obtained after quenching of shaft steel? Shocked!

When the shaft steel workpiece passes through the induction heating furnace and alternating current passes through the induction heating furnace, a strong alternating magnetic field with the same current frequency is generated around the induction heating furnace inductor. The induction electromotive force is produced correspondingly in the shaft workpiece and the induced current, i.e. eddy current, is formed on the surface of the shaft workpiece. Under the action of the resistance of the workpiece, the electric energy is transformed into heat energy, so that the surface temperature of the shaft workpiece reaches the quenching heating temperature condition and the surface quenching can be realized.

Properties of shaft after surface hardening with shaft heat treatment equipment

1. Shaft surface hardness: The surface hardness of shaft surface hardened by medium frequency induction heating furnace is usually 2-3 units higher than that by ordinary quenching (HRC).

2. Wear resistance: the wear resistance of the workpiece after medium frequency quenching is higher than that of ordinary quenching. This is mainly due to the fine martensite grain, high carbide dispersion, high hardness, high surface compressive stress and other comprehensive results.

3. Fatigue strength: the semi axle surface hardening greatly improves the fatigue strength of shaft parts and reduces the notch sensitivity. For the workpiece with the same material, the fatigue strength increases with the increase of the depth of the hardened layer within a certain range. General hardened layer depth δ=(10~20)%D. is more appropriate, of which D is the effective diameter.

Shaft surface hardening is a process of using advanced heat treatment to quench the surface of shaft iron and steel materials and make them undergo phase transformation. Shaft surface quenching has high power density, fast cooling speed, only water or oil and other cooling media, is an efficient and rapid quenching process. The surface hardness of the semi-axle is 1-3 HRC higher than that of the ordinary quenching and there is no deformation crack in the axle workpiece. The depth of the heating layer and the heating trajectory are easy to control and the automation is easy to realize.

Shaft surface hardening is a heat treatment process that only heat treatment is carried out on the surface of the workpiece to change its structure and properties, of which surface hardening is the most common. The surface hardening of the semi-axle does not change the chemical composition of the surface layer of the part, only changes the structure of the surface layer, and the core can still retain the original temperature or other processing microstructure. The purpose is to make the surface of the workpiece have high hardness and wear resistance and the core has enough strength and toughness. Shaft surface hardening is followed by low temperature tempering to reduce quenching stress and reduce brittleness. Forever induction hardening and tempering equipment will be helpful for this process.


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