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What kind of metal heat treatment equipment is the best?

The choice of Metal heat treatment equipment depends on whether this equipment is suitable for the heating of workpieces. At present, there are two types of metal heat treatment equipment: IGBT metal heat treatment equipment, the other is thyristor metal heat treatment equipment, if all can be heated, of course, the use of IGBT intermediate frequency heating is reliable, it is a new type of equipment, is the choice of large-scale integrated circuits, advanced skills, detailed advantages reflected as follows:

1. Induction heat treatment equipment saves 40% and 60% energy saving than tube, 20% energy saving and 60% water saving compared with  thyristor.

2.Small equipment, small occupation of land, light weight, easy to move, no ten thousand volts high pressure risk, so that the operation is safer.

3. Digital active control, with manual, semi-active, fully active and heating, heat preservation, cooling time control function;

4. Metal heat treatment equipment advanced overcurrent, water shortage, phase shortage, overheating and other self-maintenance functions; frequency active tracking, power stepless conditioning; equipment common cooling cycle system to ensure the continuous operation of the equipment 24 hours.

5. Low-cost sensor manufacturing, wide matching equipment functions, multi-functional process planning, so that you can use the hand;

Because of the skill constraint, the current IGBT intermediate frequency heating can not completely replace the thyristor intermediate frequency induction furnace. The current power of domestic IGBT intermediate frequency induction heating is 500kW, the frequency is at the mercy of 8KHZ, while the thyristor reaches 800kW, the frequency is lower, so it is better to select thyristor if induction heating for bars above diameter 80mm and quenching depth above 6mm. There is an intersection and complementary relationship between the two kinds of equipment. If you do not understand, you can call FOREVER manufacturer’s hotline to explain to you.

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