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What is the use of board-type quenching and tempering equipment in the end?

In the past, we often talked about steel tube quenching and tempering equipment, steel bar tempering production equipment, plate-type quenching and tempering equipment. In fact, these three major equipment are indispensable equipment in our daily industrial production, for example, single plate-type quenching and tempering equipment. It is different from the first two kinds of equipment, generally play the role of pioneers or backbone, then the question is, what is the use of quenching and tempering?

Quenching and quenching is a metal heat treatment process, which heats the metal workpiece to a certain temperature and keeps it for a period of time, and immediately immerses it in the quenched medium to rapidly cool the metal heat treatment process. In industrial production, our commonly used quenching medium is brine, mineral oil, air and so on. The role of quenching is to improve the hardness and wear resistance of metal workpieces, so quenching technology is widely used in various workpieces, dies, measuring tools and parts (such as gears, rolls, Carburizing parts, etc.) that require wear resistance on the surface. By means of quenching and tempering at different temperatures, the strength, toughness and fatigue strength of the metal can be greatly improved, and the coordination between these properties (comprehensive mechanical properties) can be obtained to meet different service requirements. In addition, quenching can also make some special properties of steel obtain certain physical and chemical properties, such as quenching permanent magnetic steel to strengthen its ferromagnetism, stainless steel to improve its corrosion resistance and so on.

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