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What is the price of the induction heating equipment? What’s the performance?

medium frequency heat treatment equipment has a pair of “skillful hands”, which can effectively improve the mechanical properties of metal work-pieces and make them used in more fields. The medium frequency electric furnace adopts mechatronics design, the structure is compact, the performance is stable, has become the ideal equipment to process the metal work-piece in the user’s heart, so, how much does this set of ideal intermediate frequency induction heating equipment cost?

The induction heating furnace produced by FOREVER electromechanical machine can realize multi-purpose, strong adaptability, high heating efficiency and no pollution to the environment. It has been widely used in mining machinery, wind power machinery, petroleum machinery, railway transportation, automobile manufacturing and other fields. Remote electromechanical medium frequency heating furnace can achieve low cost, automation, environmental protection operation!

Intermediate frequency induction heating equipment is mainly composed of intermediate frequency power supply, transportation system, induction heating system, material storage rack and central control system. The manufacturer provides far infrared thermometer, cooling tower, automatic feeding, blanking mechanism can be selected, equipped with automatic induction heating furnace. The advantages of remote electromechanical medium frequency induction heating equipment are as follows:

1, the induction heating furnace has high working stability, equipped with frequency converter drive transportation, each shaft installation, single damage does not affect the operation of the equipment, and realizes stepless adjustment, speed controllable.

2, the intermediate frequency heating furnace is flexible, can carry on the whole heat treatment to the metal workpiece, or the local heat treatment, the user can carry on the local heat treatment to the workpiece according to their own needs, The energy consumption is lower, and the processing deformation is smaller and the quality is better.

3, the manufacturer customizes the induction heating furnace body, adopts the integrated hoisting structure, only needs to connect the water and electricity joint when replacing, the replacement is convenient, reduces the standby time!

4, the remote operation, the real-time grasp the fuselage running state, realizes the safe operation, the intermediate frequency heating furnace automation operation degree is high, one person can operate, reduces the labor cost.

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