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What is the price of metal annealing equipment?

stainless steel annealing furnace is a new type of induction heating equipment, is an energy-saving metal heat treatment equipment, annealing furnace body is made of welded fiber structure, can save about 60% of electricity, the heating mode is non-contact electric heating, is mainly used in pipe, bar and large pipe and other workpiece annealing.


Nowadays, some prices above the induction heating equipment market are unreasonable, and some manufacturers will use inferior materials to produce products, thus reducing the production cost and reducing the price of metal annealing. Therefore, users may choose metal annealing equipment with low price, which in turn causes market price confusion more or less, and the quality of products is uneven. What are the characteristics of good metal annealing equipment?

Features of equipment:

1. The heating workpiece is evenly distributed inside the furnace, and the distribution is reasonable;

2. The quality of metal annealing equipment is strictly guarded, and its production performance has little gap with international products.

3. The metal annealing equipment is non-contact heating, and the oxidation of metal workpiece after annealing is rare, which can eliminate the stress and reduce the loss of workpiece;

4. The metal annealing equipment adopts the programmable logic controller (PLC), which can monitor the production line with the computer display screen.

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