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What are the influencing factors on the price of induction heating equipment

Induction heat treatment equipment , a kind of metal heating equipment commonly used in Metal heat treatment process at present, fluctuates greatly in the price increase of medium frequency heating equipment in the market. The following will be a brief list of several factors that affect the price increase of induction heating equipment, as follows:

1, the quality of quality and price induction heating equipment is the key factor to determine the market price positioning! Generally speaking, the better the quality of intermediate frequency heating equipment, the higher the later production efficiency, and the less maintenance and maintenance investment in the use process, the higher the direct benefit that can be brought to the user, then the market price of this kind of equipment will be higher naturally.

2, the size of selection and price intermediate frequency heating equipment selection is also one of the main factors that affect the different positioning of market price! In order to meet the production needs of different users, there are many kinds of intermediate frequency heating equipment models in the market. in general, the larger the selection of intermediate frequency heating equipment, the more funds need to be invested, the main reason is that the large model of intermediate frequency heating equipment consumes more raw materials and the corresponding cost is high, so the price of this type of intermediate frequency heating equipment is higher than that of small models.

3, the location of regional and price manufacturers is also a major factor affecting the price of intermediate frequency heating equipment! As far as the domestic metal heat treatment market is concerned, there are great differences in economic strength and consumption power among different regions. For example, Hebei, as a major industrial province, in order to meet the needs of more consumers, the main consumer concept in this area is “slums, homogenization,” and the production of induction heating equipment is sold at a conservative cost price under the premise of quality and quantity assurance, compared with Guangdong, Shanghai and other high consumption areas under the price of intermediate frequency heating equipment, Hebei induction heating equipment price must be more favorable and so on.

In addition to the three influencing factors mentioned above, the size of the equipment manufacturer, the amount of equipment technology, the increase of the price of equipment raw materials and the change of market demand relationship will all have a certain impact on the price of medium frequency permeable furnace in the market, so it is suggested that users should choose the best of the three when choosing induction heating equipment.


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