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What are the factors that affect the quenching furnace of steel pipe?

The choice of steel pipe Hardening heat treatment furnace suitable for their own enterprises is the common expectation of many manufacturers who want to buy steel pipe quenching furnace. How can we buy their own steel pipe quenching furnace? The following points need to be done:

1. Make clear how big the steel pipe quenching furnace you want to buy is to quench the steel pipe of the workpiece, and make clear the production beat of your own enterprise. Don’t buy blindly, have a purpose to have a direction, some manufacturers have a lot of products, steel pipe specifications are diverse, in the purchase of steel pipe quenching furnace, I hope a set of steel pipe quenching furnace for all specifications of steel pipe quenching treatment, This requires us to define the true needs of customers, for customers to build steel pipe quenching furnace.

2, steel pipe quenching furnace specifications and supporting parts are different, the price is different. At present, the quality of steel pipe quenching furnace produced in China has been greatly improved, which can be compared with the imported equipment. There are also differences in the equipment configuration of the complete set of steel pipe quenching furnace.

3. The price of goods is determined by market demand, and the same is true of steel pipe quenching furnaces. If the market supply exceeds demand, it is a good thing for enterprises. In fact, there are many factors that affect the price. The value of commodities, the cost of machinery. Market factors and so on.

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