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What are the applications of quenching and tempering?

What are the applications of quenching and tempering?

Quenching and tempering are widely used in structural parts that require excellent comprehensive performance, especially under alternating loads, such as axles, gears, turbine shafts of aero-engines, compressor disks, etc. Structural steel parts requiring induction hardening are usually tempered before surface hardening to obtain fine and uniform sorbite, which is beneficial to the surface hardening layer and to the comprehensive mechanical properties of the center. The nitriding parts can be quenched and tempered before nitriding, which can improve the processing performance of steel and prepare the microstructure for nitriding. In order to obtain high finish before quenching, eliminate stress caused by rough machining, reduce quenching deformation and make hardness after quenching high and uniform, quenching and tempering treatment can be carried out before finishing. For tool steels with network carbides or coarse grains after forging, quenching and tempering can be used to eliminate the network of carbides and refine the grains, and to spheroidize the carbides to improve machinability and prepare microstructure for final heat treatment. Forever is the leading manufacturer of induction hardening and tempering equipment, which is useing advanced induction heating technology to heat the parts, cool and hold the temperature.

Quenching and tempering refers to the double heat treatment method of quenching and high temperature tempering, which aims to make the workpiece have good comprehensive mechanical properties. Tempering at high temperature means tempering at 500-650 C. Most of the quenched and tempered parts work under relatively large dynamic load. They bear the functions of tension, compression, bending, torsion or shearing. Some surfaces also have friction and require certain wear resistance. In short, the parts work under all kinds of complex stresses. These parts are mainly structural parts of various machines and mechanisms, such as shafts, connecting rods, studs, gears, etc., which are widely used in manufacturing industries such as machine tools, automobiles and tractors. Especially for large parts in heavy machinery manufacturing, quenching and tempering treatment is used more. Therefore, quenching and tempering treatment plays an important role in heat treatment. In mechanical products, the properties of quenched and tempered parts are not exactly the same because of their different stress conditions. Generally speaking, all kinds of quenched and tempered parts should have excellent comprehensive mechanical properties, that is, the appropriate combination of high strength and high toughness to ensure long-term smooth work of the parts.

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