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What are the advantages of induction heating in the era of science and technology?

With the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology and the continuous innovation of people, there are more and more ways and kinds of heating, that different heating methods have different characteristics, so what are the advantages of heating methods in the new era, and Electric induction heating furnace and induction heating furnace.

piston rod heat treatment machine

1. High energy efficiency: more energy is transferred to work, reducing heating time and improving efficiency. With flexible induction coil and fast installation coil, the processing of installation and implementation process can adjust the frequency and meet the requirements of pre-welding preheating and post-weld heat treatment. Stress removal and other special design process requirements.

2. Air-cooled design: avoids the inconvenience caused by low ambient temperature and water cooling.

3. Improve the working environment: reduce the occurrence of safety accidents, welders do not have to be exposed to the open fire environment when burning or resistance heating, will not produce high temperature, no gas or other substances produced, the working environment is greatly improved.

4. Multi-channel heating mode and thermocouple control: multi-channel monitoring, which can control the hottest thermocouple during heating and the coldest thermocouple during freezing to ensure the quality of the product. Tell current sensing technology online dynamic detection to achieve perfect system detection and real-time protection.

5. A new type of high temperature resistant material is adopted, and the maximum temperature is 1200 ℃, which ensures that the work of post welding heat treatment can meet the requirements of heat treatment process.

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