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What annealing furnace is used for steel pipe annealing?

Steel pipe annealing equipment is an ideal equipment selection for metal heat treatment of steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, thick wall steel pipe, tube billet and other metal pipes. The domestic innovative technology is adopted and high-quality raw materials are used for casting. With high efficiency, low cost, no pollution, low price, small investment, large returns and many other characteristics, it is a very advanced induction heating equipment. In this paper, the structure, advantages and selection techniques of steel tube continuous annealing furnace are introduced in detail.

Steel pipe continuous annealing furnace for steel pipe annealing structure is mainly composed of loading and unloading frame, conveying rack, annealing equipment, discharging device, storage mechanism, IGBT intermediate frequency power supply and PLC electronic control equipment, etc. Each part of the structure is compact and reasonable, small in volume and simple in operation.

Steel pipe continuous annealing furnace product features

1, small investment: electric heating equipment design is simple, reasonable and compact layout, the whole machine area reduced by 30% or so, effectively reduce the investment cost of nearly 30,000 yuan; 2, low cost: steel pipe continuous annealing furnace quality is stable, wear parts use cycle is long, reduce spare parts replacement, can increase equipment life at least

2 years or so, at the same time the failure rate is reduced by about 60%;

3, more efficient: steel pipe will not contact directly with furnace body, can use heat source reasonably, improve heating efficiency more than 40%, at the same time, internal temperature can be easily controlled by computer;

4, more stable: after annealing through the steel pipe continuous annealing furnace, the pipe material is of excellent quality and stable state, and the operation of the electric heating equipment is more stable, keeping safe and efficient operation for a long time;

5, no pollution: steel pipe continuous annealing furnace will not appear dust spillover, keep the environment clean, to meet the pollution-free, low-noise production state;

6, low price: steel pipe continuous annealing furnace price is especially affordable, compared with the same type of products on the market price of 2-30, 000 yuan, manufacturers with a smaller profit, for customers to seek higher welfare, purchase cost-effective.

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