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Want to buy induction billet heater for rolling ? Click here !

Want to buy induction billet heater for rolling ? Click here !

Forever induction billet heater is specially used for increasing billet temperature online for rolling rebars. So far, our induction billet heater has been exported to Taiwan & Vietnam.

Technological parameters and billet heating system:

1.Brand : Forever
2.Product name: Induction billet heater_Induction billet heating furnace
3.Steel material: Q235q, Q345q, Q245R, A32, D32, A36, D36 and so on
4. Billet size range: (6mm * 6mm) – (500mm * 500mm)
5.Billet length range: more than 2 meters
6The maximum bending degree of billet before entering furnace: according to the different grades of steel, there are different degrees of curvature. What should be done if the camber is more than 3mm/m before? Our induction heater can be adjusted to meet your requirement.
7. Control system: the whole process of heating is achieved by automatic control of PLC, and timely display of heating quantity and other production records.


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