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Turkish customer visits our factory

turkish customer need seamless pipe induction annealing machine

Pipe diameter: 20~150 mm
Pipe length: 2~20m
Power supply requirements: 80-5000 kw
Quality standard: after the heat treatment of this machine, the yield strength, tensile strength, hardness, elongation and impact performance of the steel pipe can reach the standard. Steel pipe online seam annealing equipment Yuantuo mechanical and electrical professional customized for you, the company specializes in the production of steel pipe online seam annealing equipment, many years of production experience in the induction heat treatment equipment, a variety of industrial electric furnace, can be customized on site, tailored manufacturing. Free to provide users with excellent induction heating equipment system solutions and services, so that customer products more competitive.

SCR intelligent series resonance IF power supply control its characteristics:
[1] Parallel resonance design, phase shift, Seamless pipe annealing equipment mature and stable; more advantages in high power range above 3000KW [2] DSP control, quickly capture phase-locked start, meet frequent start and stop, high success rate;

[3] Frequency conversion load adaptive, frequency adaptive range 200-10000Hz, induction furnace replacement automatic matching, no manual adjustment: T2 copper row is used in [4] cabinet, after sandblasting and bell treatment; low leakage, anti-oxidation, effectively reduce line loss;
[5] Full touch screen control, pure digital setting, with complete process records and strict level authority. The main parameters can be restored with one key [6] single power 50-6000KW, frequency 200-10000Hz.

Overseas manager: Tom Wang

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Post time: 12-22-2023