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To be a good manufacturer of induction furnace has something to do with thinking.

As a leading enterprise in the industry of induction heating equipment, FOREVER Mechatronics focuses on product specialization, intelligence, green development, advanced nature of Induction heating furnace, operation applicability, maintenance safety, energy-saving and high-efficiency. Safety and reliability continue to exceed, continuously provide customers with more valuable high-quality intermediate frequency heating equipment.

According to different working conditions, it has carried out research on the characteristics of diversified operations, provided customized equipment scheme, formulated customer support strategy, provided a series of measures such as Boms-style service mode, professional kit support, and so on. Highly recognized by customers.

Today, FOREVER Mechatronics has more stable core components, more reliable motor cleanliness, more durable rollers; in the future, it will continue to develop more comfortable electronic control operating system, so that the integration of man and machine is more smooth; More efficient motor, so that the equipment cold start performance is better.

1, 11 major product lines, remote Electric can provide tailor-made services for customers, the implementation of special products “one-to-one bom service”.

2, far Topics has always been user-oriented, in providing services to customers on the road has never stopped for a moment. For key 9 core components warranty and other services, warranty period of 1 year unlimited hours of quality assurance service.

Medium-frequency heating equipment, as an important part of far-reaching electromechanical, has also made brilliant achievements under the guidance of “value-leading”. In order to further improve the products and enhance the market competitiveness of the products, in 2019 FOREVER Mechanical and Electrical equipment again optimized the induction furnace.

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Specialist of  bar heat treatment furnace in China; Glad to be your business partner in induction heating field.

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