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The way to save energy for induction heating equipment.

With the advantages of fast Induction heating furnace, short heating time, energy saving and environmental protection, the flame furnace and the resistance furnace are replaced by the advantages of high heating speed, short heating time, energy conservation and environmental protection, and the new technology and the new equipment are used for eliminating the backward technology and equipment with high energy consumption and environmental pollution. However, the energy-saving aspects of the Electric induction heating furnace should also be reflected in the higher thermal efficiency and electric efficiency of the inductor. Therefore, the energy-saving and consumption-reducing method of induction heating has the following ways

1. It is important to choose the current frequency correctly, which will directly affect the thermal efficiency of the inductor and the heating efficiency of the blank. For example, when induction heating cylinder blank, blank diameter D and current penetration depth ratio, that is, D/A=2.5~5.5, its heating efficiency is better. When D ≤ A < 2.5, the heating efficiency of blank decreases. When D ≥ A > 5.5, due to the high frequency of the selected current, the heating time is prolonged, the heat loss is increased, the thermal efficiency is reduced, and the heating efficiency is also decreased, and the cost of the frequency conversion equipment is also increased.

2. The increase of the terminal voltage of the inductor is bound to increase the number of turns of the induction coil, thus reducing the current on the induction coil, reducing the power loss of the sensor and improving the electric efficiency of the sensor. At the same time, it also reduces the water consumption of cooling induction coil. Increasing the terminal voltage of inductor is a better way to save energy by induction heating. Low voltage and high current induction heating should be avoided as far as possible.

3. Select the current density of the induction coil correctly. When the current of the inductor is constant, the section size of the pure copper tube of the induction coil should control the current density within a certain range. With the increase of current density, the power loss of induction coil increases and the electric efficiency of inductor decreases. Of course, the cross section size of the pure copper tube of the induction coil is also determined by the number of turns of the induction coil and the geometric size of the sensor.

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