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The trend of induction heating

The Electric induction heating furnace device consists of two parts, one is the AC power supply which provides energy, also known as frequency conversion power supply, and the other part is the induction coil and mechanical structure that complete the electromagnetic induction energy conversion, called induction furnace. Variable frequency power supply includes power frequency, intermediate frequency and high frequency.

long bar induction heater

The main results are as follows:

(1) High frequency heating equipment has a set of devices that convert power frequency 50Hz alternating current into high frequency (70000 ≤ 1000 000Hz) electric energy, usually using tube high frequency generator.

(2) if heating equipment also has a set of devices that convert power frequency 50Hz into intermediate frequency (500 × 10 000Hz) electric energy, usually intermediate frequency generator (low power factor) and thyristor frequency converter.

(3) the power supply frequency of the inductor of the power frequency induction heating equipment is the same as that of the power grid, that is, 50Hz, so it can absorb energy directly from the power grid. The disadvantage of the United States is that the power factor is too low. With the development of market demand, the development of induction heating device shows that the power supply becomes high frequency with the large capacity of power electronic power device, and the control simulation of electronic technical device develops to digitization and automatic control to intelligence.

Therefore, under the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, induction heating equipment tends to be large-scale, automation and control in the direction of intelligence in response to market demand.


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